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MALAMEEL MEDIA is a creative agency with proven abilities in a variety of industries from politics to healthcare. We specialize in marketing, long term strategy, corporate branding, grassroot campaigns, and a variety of production (video, photo, web, etc.). 

MALAMEEL MEDIA was founded by Mark S. Alameel. He has over 20 years of practical experience managing budgets and deadlines while exceeding expectations. His vision is to create high impact content for all mediums.  Mark’s been successful over the air, in print, and online.

Let Malameel Media help you find success.

From Dallas, TX, Malameel Media helps businesses grow ideas into successful campaigns. Our experiences are broad across many industries which improves our adaptability to unknown challenges. Let us focus your message with sound advice, strong marketing, aggressive advertising, and creative media. 

Trust in Malameel Media.